I am creating this blog to easily inform and update you on what is going on in the education world that affects you, and to open discussions on these issues, so that we may hopefully build a more unified, active membership at Hialeah High School.

I hope that you will take a few minutes to explore the site, as I have created several pages, found in the tabs at the top of the main page, that will lead you to the information and/or updates you may be interested in seeing. Anything related to contract negotiations, health care, salary, Race to the Top, etc., will be found under “Contract Talk.” I will put legislative and state budget updates under “Eye on Legislation.” (I will also try to keep you informed on what you can do in situations requiring our action and input!) Highlights from School Board meetings and other news from the district (such as district budget, new programs or mandates, etc.) will be posted under “What’s up with M-DCPS?” Information and updates specific to issues in OUR school will be posted under “United T-Breds.” And special benefits, discount offers, upcoming events, union victories, and other miscellaneous examples of how UTD can benefit its members will be posted under “UTD working for U.” I will also periodically post regular blog posts with short updates or opinions on important issues going on in education and/or our state or district today. **Please note that any opinions expressed, unless directly attributed to someone else, reflect my PERSONAL opinion and not an official position of UTD.**

I strongly encourage everyone to join as a “follower” so that you may be notified when I post updates, and to better enable you to engage in discussions through the blog with other members at our school and me; I will also send out occasional e-mails when I post important information or updates. I also encourage you to please post your questions, comments and suggestions, and to respond to each other’s…obviously keeping a civil tone at all times. Rest assured that any distasteful, inflammatory or otherwise disrespectful comments on this site will be deleted, and if it ever becomes an issue I will “close” commenting so that I have to approve any comment before it is posted. This site’s intended audience is UTD MEMBERS at our school, though it is acceptable for potential members who are interested in seeing what UTD has to offer and getting involved, or interested members from other schools, to check it out. “Infiltrators” will not find a forum to create conflict or provoke on this site.

That said, please explore, enjoy, and let me know what you think! 🙂



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